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October 2, 2011








Are True/False Questions Useless?

As a test designer, I need every question to tell me something about the learner that I didn’t know before the question was answered: Does the learner have the knowledge for which the question is testing? Developing questions costs money, and every question takes up some of the learner’s time, so every question needs to be effective.
Is a True/False question effective? Does it tell me whether or not the learner actually learned anything? One would think that if the learner answered correctly, it would mean the learning was successful. The problem is that with only two choices, the learner has a 50% chance of simply guessing the correct answer. So does a correct answer really mean the learner possessed the knowledge, or does it simply mean the learner guessed correctly? You can’t tell, so the True/False question cannot be counted on as an indicator of successful training.

So is that it for our good friend, the True/False question? No more True/False questions on our quizzes, tests and exams? Is the True/False question history?

While a True/False question may not be truly able to tell you what a learner does know, it is very good at telling you what a learner doesn’t know! When the learner gets a True/False question wrong, you can be guaranteed it is because they don’t possess the desired knowledge.

This means that True/False questions work very well on pre-tests given to the learner before the training. They can help identify what the learner doesn’t know so that they know the topics on which to focus in the training.
So don’t give up on the trusty True/False question! Just make sure that you understand what it really shows you about the learner, and that you use it in the right place.

Measuring cognitive ability is the key to hiring tomorrow’s leaders

There is no doubt that 2020 had many surprises prepared for the recruitment sector. The fact that unemployment rates and financial constraints are higher than the living memory has known is no news anymore. Additionally, the BLM movement adds further pressure on employers to ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace. Is there a way you can make lemonade out of this?

Well, more applicants means access to more talent and the pressure to ensure fair recruitment means that you’ll end up forming a more diverse team. This can be easily achieved with the right cognitive ability test, so read further to see how exactly this could save you money and time, while bringing in top talent to your organization.

What is cognitive ability?

Cognitive ability involves reasoning, planning, problem solving, learning pace, and abstract thinking. It has been consistently associated with better job performance, particularly on highly demanding positions, [1] thus measuring it provides a clear indicator of the candidates that will bring the most value to your organization, among a pool of highly skilled applicants.

Choosing the right assessment among the myriad available could affect your organization’s entire direction. When reviewing different assessment providers’ offerings, bear in mind that these should prove a palpable, defensible measure of candidates’ cognitive ability – and not a measure of their English language skills or numeric ability, for instance. Their question samples should give you a good idea of what to expect from the real assessment. You don’t have to be an assessment professional to evaluate an assessment provider’s professionalism. We’ve compiled a list of the factors you should consider, using a selected item from Questionmark’s cognitive ability test, QM Thinking Skills.

1. Do questions include all the information needed to answer correctly without being confusing?

Each well written question can be broken down into smaller parts. If you want to check that the assessment you’re reviewing has enough information for the candidate to obtain their best score, you should start by deconstructing questions as shown. It’s equally important that there’s not too muchinformation either. You also want to be able to demonstrate that there’s a clear logical path to reaching the correct answer, and that it is the only viable option. Not meeting these standards can jeopardize the validity, reliability, and defensibility of the entire assessment, which can turn against you.

2. What degree of understanding is required from the candidate?

High-responsibility positions are not just about learning the right information, but also about being able to work with it and, crucially – to critically evaluate it. For example, if you were looking to employ an IT support representative, the ideal candidate should demonstrate complex problem-solving skills and be able to employ it at all levels of sophistication. Their job may involve new challenges where the solutions they’ve previously learned won’t work, in which case they’ll have to analyse the problem and its causes, create a new solution and apply it.

The question shown here tests critical thinking. In order to answer correctly, the candidate must carefully analyze the item stimulus and understand the rationale behind the argument contained in it. The question stimulus is clearly emphasizing a correlation between the use of social media and business revenue growth, but the test-taker must criticize the argument by outlining the flaw: Correlation does not imply causation. Have you identified the right answer yet?

3. Are they workplace relevant?

You are recruiting for real-life situations, so it only makes sense that your test should be realistic. Dozens of so-called IQ tests ask candidates to choose ‘the missing piece of the puzzle’ or to ‘continue the sequence’ in a string of numbers that looks rather random. What does it really mean to score highly on such a test?[2]

It’s a good idea to find an assessment that can be generalized. The question above doesn’t only test the candidate’s ability to identify flaws in an argument, but also their readiness to apply it in a debate on the efficiency of social media marketing. Other workplace-relevant skills you could evaluate through such a test include identifying similarities in patterns of data, assessing the impact of new or additional evidence, and finding the solution to a problem where there are no obvious answers. A well-rounded assessment will not test intelligence in isolation from the environment.[3] Cognitive ability is only valuable to your organization if it can be applied in a variety of tasks that a high-level position may involve.

The future of recruitment will see more automatized tasks that streamline work and provide decision-makers with appropriate data for making objective, well-informed judgments. This guide was compiled along the lines of our assessment development procedure, employed in creating Questionmark assessments. The question shown above was selected from QM Thinking Skills, a cognitive ability test published in partnership with Cambridge Assessment, the official examination provider of University of Cambridge.

If you’d like to learn more about how QM Thinking Skills could be the key to your recruitment process, please book a demo today.

[1] Gottfredson, L. S. (1997). Why g matters: The complexity of everyday life. Intelligence, 24, 79-132.

[2] Richardson, K. (2002). What IQ tests test. Theory & Psychology, 12, 283-314.
Te Nijenhuis, J., Voskuijl, O.F. and Schijve, N.B. (2001), Practice and Coaching on IQ Tests: Quite a Lot of g . International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 9, 302-308. doi:10.1111/1468-2389.00182
Martschenko, Daphne (30 January 2018). The IQ test wars: Why screening for intelligence is still so controversial, Independent. Retrieved from:

[3] Ryan, A. M., Inceoglu, I., Bartram, D., Golubovich, J., Reeder, M., Derous, E., … & Yao, X. (2015). Trends in testing: Highlights of a global survey. In Employee recruitment, selection, and assessment: Contemporary issues for theory and practice (pp. 136-153). Psychology Press.

Identifying the right salespeople in 2021

One of the biggest challenges for any business is how to recruit and train its sales team and maintain its performance. For almost all businesses, sales are critical to business success. But recruiting the right salespeople and developing them to be successful for your organization is a significant challenge.

I like this quote from sales strategist and author, Jill Konrath: “Sales is an outcome, not a goal. It’s a function of doing numerous things right, starting from the moment you target a potential prospect until you finalize the deal.”

Many Questionmark customers use assessments to help manage their sales team. Commonly:

  • When a new product comes out, salespeople must take and pass a test on the product to check they know it. This helps win business because knowledgeable salespeople are more likely to identify needs from customers and help them find a solution if they know their products well.
  • In regulated industries like banking, insurance and pharmaceuticals, salespeople take periodic compliance tests to check they understand the regulatory rules around selling. This reduces mis-selling and gives evidence to regulators that the organization takes sales competence and its compliance activities seriously.
  • Organizations who sell via dealers or via a channel test or certify sales and technical support personnel within the channel to ensure people know the products well. Putting such tests in place reassures customers that the channel partners are authorized, increases the success of deployments and motivates channel partners to stay engaged.

One major challenge for business-to-business (B2B) sales teams is how to qualify sales opportunities well. Typically leads or opportunities are generated by prospecting or incoming enquiries and a salesperson must qualify the lead (identify how genuine it is) to see which opportunities are worth spending time on.

An opportunity is “qualified in” if it is progressed and “qualified out” if it is discarded or de-prioritized. You might think that it’s desirable to qualify in as many opportunities as possible, so that one has the best chance of closing as many sales as possible. But in fact, it’s the opposite. As James Barton’s white paper for the Mentor Group says: “Good salespeople qualify in, excellent salespeople qualify out”. There is a lot of evidence that if a salesperson qualifies in and progresses too many opportunities, his/her pipeline will look good and his/her activity levels will look good, but his/her sales results will be smaller. The best salespeople qualify out many leads and spend their time on the ones that they correctly identify will progress to a sale.

So, qualification skills are critical for B2B sales success – and lead to more accurate pipelines and sales predictions. Whereas organizations who suffer from unreliable sales forecasts with high pipelines that do not generate high enough sales often suffer from qualification skill weaknesses.

Questionmark, in conjunction with Mentor, have just released a test to help with this problem. It’s called “Questionmark B2B Sales Qualification by Mentor Group” and can be used with your existing sales team or with potential recruits to see whether salespeople are identifying and qualifying leads correctly. Using the test, you can identify which salespeople have good qualification skills and which ones need development to improve them. For example, here’s an example question from the test:

This question asks how the salesperson can identify whether their contact has authority to purchase. This is important because a deal is only going to close if the right people at the customer are involved. The best answer in the question above is the 3 rd choice “Who else, if anybody, do you need to speak to, to get this signed off?”, because it gives the prospect the chance to share information about other people who are involved, to help the salesperson work the sale. The other choices are less effective, for example some of them are “closed” questions, when more open questions usually elicit better responses.

This test can help identify salespeople with good qualification skills and identify development opportunities for those who have less good skills. It can help a business identify good salespeople and develop existing salespeople. For more information, please contact us.

John is the Founder of Questionmark. He wrote the first version of the Questionmark assessment software system and then founded Questionmark in 1988 to market, develop and support it. John has been heavily involved in assessment software development for over 20 years and has also participated in several standards initiatives.

Small Business Funding – Business Lending Authority

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Financing for small business options are pretty slim. Traditional lenders: banks, funds, and credit unions require so much from you – including perfect credit and profit statements – and then drag out the approval process for months, leaving many small business owners floundering short of cash, they don’t care. Business Lending Authority picks up where these lenders stop, offering businesses the cash advance needed to improve operating capital. We specialize in getting your business the financing needed to keep operating.

Business Lending Authority has great customer service. They catered to my needs and gave me exactly what I was looking for. After waiting months to hear back from banks and getting declined, I was amazed at how fast I was approved with Business Lending Authority. They gave me the capital for my business that I needed within 24 hours to take it to the next level.

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At Rogers & Greehey, PLLC, both Edinburg criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors and have misdemeanor and felony trial experience. As a result of their experience, both Edinburg criminal defense attorneys have tried almost every type of criminal case between them. Above all, this trial experience gives both lawyers an advantage throughout their client representation. Whether you’ve been arrested for DWI, Drug Possession, or Assault our experienced McAllen criminal defense attorneys have handled it. Because our McAllen criminal defense lawyers know when to be aggressive and when to negotiate, their legal representation is very effective. Our Rio Grande Valley criminal defense attorneys also can help you with a traffic ticket or an expunction or non-disclosure. In short, if you need aggressive and effective legal representation in Edinburg, McAllen, or anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley, the criminal defense attorneys at Rogers & Greehey, PLLC will help. Do Not Wait. Call Now!

Aggressive & Experienced

When charged with a crime, contacting an experienced McAllen criminal defense lawyer is the most important thing you can do. After contacting an Edinburg criminal defense lawyer at Rogers & Greehey, PLLC, our Edinburg criminal defense attorneys begin to take immediate steps to examine the facts of your case. Helping ensure your legal and constitutional rights are protected. Because you are charged with a crime, protecting these rights is of urgent importance. As a result of being former prosecutors, both attorneys in our office are capable of defending any charge. Do not wait! Contact an attorney with our Edinburg law office now!

Based out of Edinburg, Texas, attorneys Michael Rogers and Sidney Greehey serve clients throughout the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio. As a result of being former prosecutors they are prepared to defend clients against the full range of state charges.

Our attorneys also practice family law and are Edinburg divorce attorneys and child custody attorneys. And if you’ve been in a car accident or 18-wheeler accident our Edinburg personal injury attorneys and Edinburg accident lawyers can help! Regardless of your issue, we will help you. You can’t afford to wait. Call (956) 420-4394 now!

We Represent Clients in Edinburg and all Over the Rio Grande Valley and Bexar County Including:

Hidalgo County – McAllen – Edinburg – Mission – Weslaco – San Juan – Pharr – Alamo – Donna – Hidalgo – Alton – Edcouch – Elsa – Palmview – Penitas – La Joya – Sharyland – Linn-San Manuel – Cameron County – South Padre Island – Port Isabel – Brownsville – Los Fresnos – San Benito – Harlingen – Starr County – Roma – Rio Grande City – Bexar County – San Antonio – Alamo Heights – Balcones Heights – Leon Valley – Castle Hills

Australian Shepherd Plantigrade Fullsuit

After some time I have decided to sell my plantigrade full suit Australian Shepherd named Coffey which was made in march 2019 by Nuke Creations and it is still in perfect condition. I Didn't wear him too much, that is also a reason I'm selling him. I hope anybody who buys him will wear him more often than me. Suit has been used for a few cons and walks, always brushed and washed and clean. Non smoker.

Future buyer should be similar to these measures or you could ask some fursut maker to alter it if it's possible. The fur was bought mostly here:
This fursuit was made to fit these measurements:
weight 75kg, head 56cm, height 190cm, chest 95cm, waist 84cm, arms 31cm, thigh 52cm, Shoe Size: 45 eur
By buying him, the customer understands that this suit was not specifically designed to fit them as a commissioned suit would be.

100% payment plus shipping must be made within 72 hours of the end of auction or the winning bid is considered invalid. Do not bid if you are not 100% capable of paying them. No part of this auction will be shipped until full payment.
If you have any questions feel free to send me a message through mail: [email protected] or Twitter: @BruceDoggo
- change or keep the name is up to you
Following Eyes
Head base: Foam
Nose: Fleece
Tongue: Fleece
Moving jaw: No
Hand Paws: 4 finger
Paw pads: fleece
Claws: fleece
Feet Paws: Indoor sandals
Body style: Plantigrade
Paw pads: fleece
Claws: fleece
Attached parts: tail, (hand paws and feet paws with zipper)
Zipper: front, also hidden front SPH zipper
If you would like to see more pictures visit this page:

I will ship only within EU
package will be insured
For Czechia and Slovakia shipping via Zásielkovňa, European union via GLS
bank transfer

USPS Address Change

In case you have moved to a new location, you need to request for a Change of Address. You may request an address change form at your local post office or apply online. However, you will be charged 1$ through credit card for verification against potential fraud.

Another way to do this is through Mail Forwarding. It is a premium service offered by the company, which temporarily forwards the mail to your new address. It costs around $17 each week. It also offers a regular mail forwarding service, which generally slower compared to the former.

Uroczystości pogrzebowe ks. Krzysztofa Oleszkiewicza SDB

Na uroczystości pogrzebowe, które odbyły się w naszym kościele w środę 17 marca, przyjechały delegacje księży i parafian z wielu miejscowości, w których ks. Krzysztof pracował. Homilię wygłosił ks. Antoni Balcerzak, który przyjaźnił się z ks. Krzysztofem. Przed błogosławieństwem kilku kapłanów przemawiało, wspominając wiele dobra uczynionego przez zmarłego kapłana.

Curriculum vitae:
Ks. Krzysztof urodził się 17 kwietnia 1957 r. w Pile.

Formacja zakonna
Nowicjat: Czerwińsk, 1978/1979.
Postnowicjat (studia filozoficzne): Ląd nad Wartą, 1979-1981.
Asystencja: Kobylanka, 1981-1982,
Studia teologiczne: Ląd nad Wartą, 1982-1986.

Śluby zakonne
Pierwsze śluby: Czerwińsk, 22 sierpnia 1979 r.
Profesja wieczysta: Ląd nad Wartą, 21 sierpnia 1985 r.

Prezbiterat: Ląd nad Wartą, 17 czerwca 1986 r.

Miejsca posługi duszpasterskiej:
1986-1987 – Kwakowo, praca duszpasterska
1987-1991 – Szczecin Gumieńce, praca duszpasterska
1991-1992 – Czaplinek, praca duszpasterska
1992-1993 – Piła – Św. Rodzina, ekonom wspólnoty
1993-2000 – Kobylnica, praca duszpasterska
2000-2001 – Skrzatusz, praca duszpasterska
2001-2012 – Swobnica, proboszcz parafii
2012-2014 – Piła – Św. Rodzina, ekonom wspólnoty
2014-2021 – Szczaniec, proboszcz parafii

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