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Beat the eggs with a mixer together with the sugar until they double in volume, at least 5 minutes, add the melted butter, the warm milk, mix well then add the flour mixed with the baking powder and cocoa, and finally the melted chocolate. Mix carefully until the chocolate it is well incorporated then we put it in a baking tray lined with baking paper (20 cm) at 180 degrees for about 45-50 minutes.

Let the gelatin soak in 100ml of water and then melt it on a steam bath, beat the whipped cream with sugar and then mix it with the yogurt, vanilla and gelatin. Cut the top into 3, so that 3 equal tops result. Place the first top, then half of the larger cut fruit, pour half the cream, put the second top, repeat with the fruit and yogurt, and put the last top. it must be kept cold for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight, then it is removed from the form and can be decorated directly on the serving platter.

Mix the cream cheese with the butter, both must be at room temperature, until it becomes homogeneous for at least 5 minutes, then add the powdered sugar and cocoa, mix again for 10 minutes, melt the chocolate on a steam bath, add the chocolate and mix for another 2-3 minutes Let it cool for 15 minutes, then decorate the cake. We put the cream on top and with a spatula we spread it on the sides, it doesn't have to be perfectly evenly distributed, uniform, I like it, because it's not hard to decorate. On top we put chocolate drops or whatever we have on hand, and base decorated with white and dark chocolate coins.


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If you are hypersensitive to any component of this product or take any medicine before use, consult your doctor. This product is not recommended for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.

Don't let it get in the way of children! Store in a dark, dry place at temperatures below +25 ° C.

Time to declare your love!

Written by Grace Couture Cakes on February 12, 2018. Posted in News

This month, declare your love with a collection created especially to give your loved one a perfect moment in two! Send your love message with a sweet gift from Grace Couture Cakes.

Celebrate love with the perfect cake! Choose your favorite Signature cake between 9 & # 8211 February 24 from the two Grace Couture Cakes in Dorobanti Square 5 and Băneasa Shopping City and surprise your Valentine with a sweet moment of love!

It offers the perfect moment for two with Essential cakes or gingerbread in a limited edition on Valentine's Day!

Send your special message of love and personalize it with the eclipses from the Éclair Affair range.

For orders, contact the Grace Couture Cakes Atelier team from Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu no. 5-7 | 0720 196 456 | [email protected]

Clementine Cake Recipe & Video

Around the turn of the 20th century a French Priest living in Algeria, named Pere Clement, crossed a bitter orange (Seville) with a Mandarin. The result was a sweet yet tangy, slightly flattened, easy-to-peel orange which became known as the Clementine. Clementines are often called the Christmas orange, as their harvest time corresponds with the holiday season. They are an excellent eating orange but you may want to put a few aside to make this delicious Middle Eastern Clementine Torte which uses whole cooked Clementines, peel and all.

This Clementine Torte recipe is adapted from Stephanie Alexander & # 39s excellent & # 39The Cook & # 39s Companion & # 39 where she tells us that in Australia this cake is very popular. It & # 39s a wonderfully dense and moist cake, with a slightly tart flavor because the batter contains whole oranges, peel and all. The Clementines are simmered in water for a few hours until they become nice and soft which helps to reduce the tartness of the peel. This cake is gluten free as it doesn & # 39t contain wheat flour, instead finely ground almonds (almond flour / meal) are used. What is also surprising is that it doesn't contain any butter or oil. It is simply a mixture of whole oranges, eggs, sugar, and ground almonds. Easily made in a food processor, it stores very well. In fact, it is better to bake this cake a day or two in advance of serving so its flavors have time to soften and blend. Excellent with whipped cream.

Homemade breads and other doughs for all tastes & # 8211 ideas from food blogs

Hey, how are you doing around the house? I'm thinking of making a good bread, possibly some sticky greens, if I stay at home and avoid the unpackaged bread from the store. So I browsed through Romanian blogging and found thousands of recipes, so I leave you with some ideas gathered here. I started with this braided, great bread, to better attract your attention, which I also chose for publication in the Foodlovers Guide into Romanian Treasures recipe collection, made together with several food bloggers for Vinul.Ro.

It is a recipe with flour, milk, butter and yeast by Mihaela Sava & # 8211, which you can find detailed here. At it, you will see many other ideas, from fluffy buns with seeds and poppy seeds, fast, without yeast and without kneading, bread with baking soda, toast with wholemeal flour, black with garlic, as well as the revelation with seeds and nuts, presented at Bake Off Romania, and the one in the photo below, a unique bread with beets and rosemary. Plus many others, just as appetizing. See here:

On Cristina Toth & # 8211 website, you will find one of the largest varieties of traditional bread & # 8211 bread recipes, with or without yeast, with mayo, but also from other international or reinterpreted cuisines, from the most simple recipe with basic ingredients & # 8211 bread braided in four, one whole with milk and seeds, another with beer and potatoes, for which she was also invited on TV, ciabatta, a special recipe for those with diabetes even, until to an appetizing khachapuri & # 8211 a kind of sticker / pie from Georgian cuisine, with cheese, egg and greens. Get in here.

At Andreea Jugănaru & # 8211 we found, among others, some sticks with chickpeas, cheese, vegetables, hot pepper flakes and other spices & # 8211 really yummy! The recipe here. You can see that it also has some & # 8220 fluffy & # 8221 with garlic and herbs, tarts with salmon and leeks, and the cherry on the cake is a unique bread with & # 8230ananas.

If you have greens around the house or, nevertheless, go out and find leurdă (I even saw it in supermarkets), Dana Burlacu Visternicu's recipe for leurdă bread & # 8211 seems extraordinary to me & # 8211 flour, armored leurd, oil, salt, yeast, as well as focaccia with leurd & # 8211 flour, lukewarm water, olive oil, leurd paste, nuts. I think leurda can be replaced with other greens. Here are Dana's ideas here.

She also gives us other ideas with leurdâ & # 8211 for spreading on bread, this time & # 8211 a pate with nuts and a pesto with seeds, which she made for a Spornic campaign, which I coordinated last year . And also on her blog, I found a unique idea of ​​& # 8230toporasi jam. It's hard to believe that you have it at hand, but who knows, if you find axes or for those who retired to the country during this period (I know cases), make them sweet! I think it's wonderful for breakfast, on hot bread! Congratulations, Dana, the recipe here.



Address: 1 Taberei Street, Năvodari, Constanța, Romania
Phone: 0731399399
Email: [email protected]


No minimum order. Anywhere in Romania, without extra km. Any order over 250 lei benefits from FREE shipping! Refuse

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Cake mix & # 8211 Joy Balls Choco 500g

Joy Balls Choco Cake Mix - A very healthy, cold-cooked dessert!

This dessert is very simple to prepare, does not require hot preparation, contains only the following ingredients: oatmeal, dates, sunflower seeds, coconut, cocoa (2%), brown rice flour.

Joy Balls Choco is a mixture of cereals without sugar, without artificial colors, without flavors and without preservatives.

The box contains: 2 bags x 250g (500g)

For a 250g package you need: - 2 teaspoons of honey (45g) and 2 teaspoons of melted butter or coconut oil (45g)


2. AFTER HOMOGENIZATION, FORM THE BALLS IN YOUR HAND AND LEAVE THEM IN THE REFRIGERATOR FOR 1-2 HOURS. If you see that they do not form into balls, you can add a little more honey.


Made in a unit that also processes gluten products, eggs, soy and nuts. Store in a dry place, away from moisture, at a temperature of up to 25 ° C. The expiry date is written on the package.

See other Original Lucas Bites products:

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy Value 1769kJ / 421kcal

Fat 13.1g

of which saturated fatty acids 3,9g

Carbohydrates 60.7g

of which Sugars 24,2g

proteins 11,5g

Salt (NaCl) 0g

See Recipe

How To Make a Keto Lemon Tart

Start by prepping your dough. I used a food processor to blend my dough until it forms a ball. This takes around two minutes. Then once your dough forms press it into the bottom of a tart shell, and toss in the oven for 14 minutes or until it is golden brown. Set aside and allow it to fully cool.

Then in a small pan, you want to heat your butter and sweetener on medium-low heat.

Cook until it begins to thicken, and then slowly whisk in one egg yolk at a time. Cook until your mixture becomes thick. Add in your lemon juice and blend. Followed up by whisking in your cream.

Grab a fine mesh strainer and push the lemon curd through to catch any bits of scrambled egg. Cool at room temperature. Then pour the mixture into your tart shell and then toss in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

6 years since it existed in our lives! 6 years of mom and dad!

It's been 6 years since it existed in our lives.

It's been 6 years since I sat on the edge of the bed in the bedroom and I didn't know if I would give birth, if I would go through the pains of childbirth or if it would naturally hurt me all, because I felt like an elephant at over 100 kilograms. (yes, nothing magical so far).

And yet, a labor of almost 12 hours and a complicated birth led to a lot of magic, at the moment when her small and warm body reached my skin. That was when everything changed. It took a second for our love to last forever. When I say ours, I mean us 3. I would never exclude the man from the equation! The magic was not just between the two of us, between mother and child. He was there. He held my hand, we cried, laughed and wondered together. Her birth was like a covenant we all made 3.

There are 6 years in which it was not just magic or milk and honey. Parenthood is not only painted in shades of pink. Parenting is not a status on Facebook on a child's birthday “Pure joy and happiness!”. Parenting is not pure joy. Who says that, I find it hard to believe. There are gray days, black days, pink days, sleepless nights, fatigue, frustrations, joys that are hard to describe in words, immeasurable love and a constant transition from ecstasy to agony.

In 6 years I gathered love, amazement, pride, happiness, but there were also hard moments, fears, pain, tears and helplessness. And, I think, it's natural to be like that. Parenthood is part of life and we know that life is not just a huge chocolate cake, sweet and syrupy, it is also with lemons.

In the last 6 years we have learned to be parents, to face the challenges, to work more with ourselves to be better with each passing day & # 8230 and we are just at the beginning of the road. We still have so much to learn! If there are 2 constants in parenthood, I think they would be unconditional love and learning. Each stage challenges us to a kind of learning & # 8230 about ourselves, about the child's development, about the choices we have to make.

I had 6 intense years, with many emotions and feelings of all kinds. I am grateful for everything we have been given to live, for better or for worse. Today, when I, my mother, turn 6 years old since I have this privileged status, I am grateful for the miracle of a child that shaped my life, served me the hardest and most beautiful lessons, brought me the most intense joys and it made me live in fears that I would not have thought possible. These 6 years I put them under the sign of gratitude and I would have many reasons to list.

It's her birthday and I've written quite a bit about myself. Yes, today is a little about me, a little about the man I started with almost 10 years ago. But we wouldn't be mom and dad today if she didn't exist, our blue-eyed wonder. Today we celebrate her, the little man who fills our souls with joy, makes us laugh with all our hearts, melts us with her sweetness and goodness, brightens our days with her innocence and pure soul. In addition to her birthday, today we celebrate 6 years of mother and father.

I don't know where 6 years have passed. I'm scared of how fast time passes. Sometimes I would stop him, other times I would give him back and there are times when I would ask him to give me a sequence of what will be in a few years. I don't have magical powers and I can't do that. The only super power I can have is to live in the present moment, to enjoy what we have today and, with a touch of wisdom, to be better tomorrow.

I am very proud to be the mother of this wonderful child!

My child, if you ever read these lines, know that nothing is above you. You are sun, moon and stars!

Happy birthday, my blue-eyed miracle!

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About me (and blog)

I am Flavia, mother, wife, daughter, friend, full-time job owner and blog author.

I've been a dynamic man since I know myself, curious, who likes challenges. And so far, I've had a few.

I started writing on in 2015. Things went further than I thought I could go and, in 2021, I decided it was time to make a change, to become flaviahirișcă I needed a space and a name to represent me as I am today.

I write honestly. I write to help, to share what I know, to give ideas and a touch of inspiration.

If you have any curiosity about me, if you want to share something with me or if you want to talk about a possible collaboration, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook or you can write to me at [email protected]

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Exiting MATRIX

& # 8222I'm finally at the end of a project that took me two and a half years. You will be able to judge for yourself whether this new book meets your expectations or not. The field, fascinating in fact, is vast and not really easy to page. I will have the same requests for those who really want to read the book, to do it systematically, that is, only page by page. Otherwise, it will probably be difficult to understand something. I tried to provide the information gradually, in order, so that it was easy to assimilate and follow.

I completely agree that it is not an easy text, but those who are passionate about decrypting texts and images from temples are sure to continue reading. I wished I hadn't written the 1000-page book, but I failed miserably. Most likely, if I rewrote the book for the third time, I would be able to fit under 1000 pages. Surely I could cut off my collateral paths to prove an idea. But the book would lose some of its beauty, I say, because only as I wrote it will you be with me in all my little discoveries. If you find any more typos or four dots instead of three, please forgive me for these omissions. They are almost inherent when you write the book not as a formidable writer, but as an occasional one, through the free time that is not so much, among the guards or even in quieter guards, as now, on the PC with or without correction program, sometimes on the Swedish keyboard, as now. Plus, I'm the only proofreader. The book was not read by anyone else before publication.

1. The first volume is one of translations of ancient Egyptian texts. This is primarily a new translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, as accurate as I can think. The second text is a volume from & # 8221The Egyptian Heaven and Hell & # 8221, namely & # 8222The Book of Am-Duat & # 8221. The rest are shorter texts. In total there are 384 pages in 16, 5 x 23, 5 format, with a pleasant graphic presentation.

2. My decryptions are collected in two volumes, one of 504 pages, and the other of 552 pages, to which are added 32 color pages, especially of genetic computer schemes. The format is the same. I drew some diagrams to make it easy to understand.

3. The three volumes will be plasticized in a single package of almost 1500 pages, which will probably weigh about 2, 3 kg - 2, 4 kg. The first volume will have attached to your cover pocket a poster in color 3D graphics, measuring 50 x70 cm of the genetic computer, which you will have in front of you when you read the book. & # 8220 TONI VICTOR MOLDOVAN

BOOKS and POSTER can be purchased by HERE

(free transport for those with a subscription Genius the emag)

or by HERE (from Delfin Bookstore)

More information about Toni Victor Moldovan can be found on his website

(especially for deliveries to the EU)

HERE is a playlist with the first book by Toni Victor Moldovan

TERRA PROGRAM - An ET attack on humanity