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Baked pork steak

Baked pork steak

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We cut the pork into thick slices about a finger and cut each slice on the edges around, then place it in an oven tray.

Peel the garlic cloves, grind them and then rub them with a little salt. Gradually add the oil, like mayonnaise, stirring all the time until you get a paste.

Add the broth and spices over the garlic, add another 100 ml of water because the sauce should cover the meat. Pour the sauce over the meat, cover the tray with aluminum foil and put the steak in the oven heated to 220C for 1 hour.

I served the polenta steak!

Good appetite!

What we need for Pork chop with onion and smoked, baked, old recipe

Cooking time: 1 hour 30 mins

  • -1 kg partially defatted chop, the neck or pork leg also works
  • -200 g smoked kaizer
  • -1 carrot
  • -2 onions, about 300 g
  • -4-5 cloves of garlic
  • -2 teaspoons grated salt
  • -1 teaspoon thyme
  • -1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  • -250 ml water
  • -30 ml white wine-optional

What we need for Pork chop with onion and smoked, baked, old recipe

Cooking time: 1 hour 30 mins

  • -1 kg partially defatted chop, the neck or pork leg also works
  • -200 g smoked kaizer
  • -1 carrot
  • -2 onions, about 300 g
  • -4-5 cloves of garlic
  • -2 teaspoons grated salt
  • -1 teaspoon thyme
  • -1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  • -250 ml water
  • -30 ml white wine-optional

Baked pork steak - Recipes

  • pork leg, red wine, sweet mustard, peppercorns, oregano, basil, a little soy sauce, salt, some mushrooms.

27 Response to "Pork steak with baked mustard"

Alinutza, I'm glad you like it! Kiss!

Aha, did you start with the meat? ) Kiss

Hmmmm. I love baked dishes with mustard and this meat to a great result!

Anto, I tested it to see how it turns out :) Now it's officially on the Easter list :)) Pup!

Thank you so much Beth! Kisses!

after this post, such a steak works very well. )

Stefy, it went well with us and without fasting, I realize that after fasting I think the delight is even greater :) Pup!

Delicious !! It was raining in my mouth!

Thanks Haplea! Until Sunday it will continue to rain on me too :))

Mmmm. delicious looks! Do we trade pigs? :))
I wish you a happy and peaceful Easter with your loved ones! Sweet Kisses

Thanks Simona! Of course we exchange, I don't refuse anything :))

I don't look at the recipe because I'm hungry and hungry and it's a good Friday.
I kiss you and I wish you.
Easter holidays full of peace and joy, with your loved ones!

Daniela, happy holidays to you and your family! Kisses and let the bunny bring you everything you want!

Happy Easter Mihaela! Many kisses!

Happy Easter!

Super tasty!
Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Happy Easter! Only joys!

Holy Easter to bring peace to your soul,
much joy, health and happiness!

What a gorgeous treat! The flavors are just wonderful.

I can smell it through the monitor: mushrooms, MMM!

Yup, it smells yummy! Thanks !!

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1 kg pork neck
1 vanata
1 zucchini
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
3 tomatoes
2 onions
6 cloves of garlic
Salt, pepper, paprika, vegetate to taste

Method of preparation:
We take the pieces of neck and season them well with vegeta, paprika, pepper and salt, to taste.

After seasoning the meat, we fry it in a pan with very hot oil & # 8211 enough to catch a brown crust & # 8211 taking care to turn it on all sides to brown evenly.

After the meat has caught the crust, take it out on a plate and cut it deep - cut it into slices but make sure that the slices remain together at the bottom, then put the piece of neck in a heat-resistant dish previously greased with oil. Between the notches we spread the meat with slices of garlic.
All the vegetables & # 8211 eggplant, zucchini, red and green peppers, onions and tomatoes & # 8211 we clean, wash and cut into cubes and slices.

We put the vegetables cut in this way in a bowl and season them with vegeta and salt, after which we put them around the piece of meat in the bowl. Add a little more oil over the vegetables and meat, then put an aluminum foil on top of the dish and put everything in the oven for 45-60 minutes, during which time we turn the meat from time to time, from one side to the other. Towards the end, 20-25 minutes before removing the preparation from the oven, we take the aluminum foil from the bowl, to let the vegetables drop.

The complete recipe, in pictures, can be downloaded here: Pork steak with baked vegetables (PDF format)

Let's cook the tenderest roast pork with wine and garlic. Special recipe for New Year's table

Ingredients for baked pork steak with wine and garlic

  • 2 pieces of pork (pork chop, neck or shoulder, 250-300 grams each)
  • 4 large cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons lard (or obviously oil if you haven't cut the pork for Christmas)
  • 1 cup dry white wine
  • 1 tablespoon mixture of rosemary, oregano and, optionally, depending on how fast you like to eat, hot pepper flakes
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Salt, pepper to taste

The ingredients shown are, as you can see, for two servings. Extrapolate the quantities for how many servings you need to put on the New Year's table if you "risk" having guests in the midst of restrictions imposed by World War III triggered and sustained with anger by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

How to prepare roast pork with wine and garlic

- Beat the meat with the “ax” of the schnitzels, but do not crush it, do not thin it as for the schnitzels, just “tenderize” it, especially if it has stinginess.

- Season the meat with spices, salt and pepper to taste.

- Put the pieces of meat in a large tray, add lard or oil, bay leaves, wine.

- Crush the garlic cloves whole, with the width of the knife, to keep their flavor and spread them over the pieces of meat.

- Preheat the oven to medium heat to 190 degrees Celsius.

- Cover the tray with aluminum foil and put it in the oven for 45 minutes.

- Remove the tray from the oven after 45 minutes, carefully remove the foil on one side from the hot steam.

- Increase the oven temperature to 210 degrees Celsius, over high heat. Put the tray back in the oven, turn the meat for 8-10 minutes on each side, until evenly browned.

- At the end, if the sauce has dropped too much, add half a cup of wine.

- Pork steak with wine and garlic "goes" well with baked potato garnish and beetroot salad with horseradish or pickles, to taste.

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Ardelean Ancutza 9 years ago - April 21, 2009 15:34

Re: Pork steak

Christ sent!
I'm glad you like the steak!

Ioana 9 years ago - April 21, 2009 15:55

Re: Pork steak

True that he resurrected!
It turned out that yours this holiday season I decided to be just a guest so I made this steak and a light dessert

Mariana 9 years ago - 21 April 2009 19:12

Re: Pork steak


Ioana 9 years ago - 21 April 2009 20:05

Re: Pork steak

when you put the aluminum foil, take care to seal the tray very well so that the sauce does not evaporate from the steak and then it will not stick to the bottom.
to be honest I used a Teflon tray, but there didn't seem to be any gluing attempt

adry 9 years ago - 24 April 2009 19:57

Re: Pork steak

It must be wonderful!

Elena M 9 years ago - 24 April 2009 20:45

Re: Pork steak

I did it yesterday, it's super good.

Ioana 9 years ago - April 25, 2009 10:19

Re: Pork steak

adry, it seems that everything that is simple and very good is worth a try

giorgiana 9 years ago - April 29, 2009 18:03

Re: Pork steak

it must be good I will try it

ramisimion 8 years ago - 11 July 2009 18:46

Re: Pork steak

You're right, it's the simplest pork steak and the tastiest. Thank you Ancutza for recipe and Ioana for preparation and presentation.
Very delicious, I think next time I serve it with polenta.

catalina 8 years ago - 3 September 2009 11:37

Re: Pork steak

I'll try to make it myself. But it looks delicious

lazar denisa maria 8 years ago - 17 October 2009 20:39

Re: Pork steak

I did too and it turned out excellent

Condurache Alexandru 8 years ago - 28 October 2009 20:10

Re: Pork steak

the mother did the same and God came out
very very good

emmma 8 years ago - 5 November 2009 11:42

Re: Pork steak

I was just looking for a steak recipe on the net and I found it. I'm going to make it look very easy

pedro. 8 years ago - 7 November 2009 12:56

Re: Pork steak

it's good that I came across this recipe..I'm plekat ..from the country for over 8 years. and our food is splendid. note 10 pt recipe.:-*

oana 8 years ago - 18 November 2009 18:47

Re: Pork steak

wow very good came out, I also added some spicy indian, thanks.

elena 8 years ago - November 18, 2009 22:10

Re: Pork steak

God looks in a way I can't even say anything, my mouth watered THANK YOU for everything you share with us

liviu ionasc 8 years ago - 28 November 2009 16:17

Re: Pork steak

monica 8 years ago - 8 December 2009 17:43

Re: Pork steak

I made it today and it turned out super delicious. greetings to everyone

GHEORGHE 8 years ago - 10 December 2009 12:12

Re: Pork steak

I didn't like it, I felt something bitter and it looked dull

Laura 8 years ago - 14 December 2009 19:56

Re: Pork steak

I can't wait for tomorrow to come, I'll try it.

Ioana 8 years ago - December 15, 2009 10:15

Re: Pork steak

I also plan something with pork today, a stew made like this, with garlic dumplings.

gabitza 8 years ago - 15 December 2009 16:33

Re: Pork steak

I just took it out of the oven.
I'm waiting for my husband to come, to eat it together.
it looks good and smells very good.
thank you!

BA 8 years ago - December 26, 2009 14:45

Re: Pork steak

Mine is in the oven, in the first "audition". We are waiting for a halim !! I'm sure it's going to be great.

Iulia 8 years ago - December 26, 2009 20:38

Re: Pork steak

oana 8 years ago - 27 December 2009 23:08

Re: Pork steak

In 10 minutes, take the steak out of the oven. It smells insane in the house. . I also tasted esi is bunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I highly recommend.

Felicia 8 years ago - January 3, 2010 5:22 PM

Re: Pork steak

A healthy New Year, many joys and new recipes!

I am happy for my son Catalin's initiative when he gave me the address of your site.
I also prepared after this recipe and I received many praises from family and guests, praises that I want to share with you.

roxy 8 years ago - 3 January 2010 19:58

Re: Pork steak

it is very delicious. worth trying.

lory 8 years ago - 16 January 2010 14:01

Re: Pork steak

MORTAL FRIPTURA ASTA! I DIDN'T THINK THAT IT WOULD COME OUT LIKE THIS (although after the smells in the oven, I had to guess). It was SUUUUUPER appreciated. It's all over. I did it a week ago. Today I do it again. THANK YOU

ionela 8 years ago - 16 January 2010 16:03

Re: Pork steak

I saw the recipe in the morning before leaving for work and all day I thought about it, at 15:30 I came home and I already put the tray in the oven. I don't know how I will last another hour as I die of appetite

Raluca Dumitrescu 8 years ago - January 23, 2010 13:28

Re: Pork steak

it's one of the best tray steaks I've ever eaten. I made it with pork last time, but because I don't have it now, I'll try it with chicken breast.

coamina 8 years ago - 24 January 2010 11:03

Re: Pork steak

ioana 8 years ago - 26 January 2010 14:47

Re: Pork steak

It is a wonderful pork steak, the most delicious steak on the tray, and I managed to impress my guests.

Ramonica 8 years ago - January 29, 2010 10:54

Re: Pork steak

I would also like to make this recipe. Tell me, please if I can replace the foil tray on top with a yena bowl with a lid. Thank you

Ioana 8 years ago - January 29, 2010 11:05

Re: Pork steak

Ramonica 8 years ago - January 29, 2010 11:43

Re: Pork steak

Thanks, Ioana.
I'll do it tomorrow

giulietta 8 years ago - 7 February 2010 13:18

Re: Pork steak

I thawed some pork last night and this morning I kept thinking about what to make of it and what I thought. let's see what recipes for pork steaks I find on the net and after the first click I found this amazing and extraordinarily easy recipe Sincere congratulations for the recipe, in fact for the sauce as he is the one who I think makes everything SOOPER mistoo !! looks ff good ! right now I'm going to get to work I can't wait to see what comes out

nico 8 years ago - 21 February 2010 14:09

Re: Pork steak

really simple and delicious

narcissus 8 years ago - 12 March 2010 14:33

Re: Pork steak

I've never cooked but I want to try

andrei 8 years ago - March 13, 2010 18:00

Re: Pork steak

Very good simple and tasty steak. I wrote it in a recipe book so we could enjoy it from time to time. My girlfriend loves you.

andra 8 years ago - 19 March 2010 16:00

Re: Pork steak

I will make the recipe but as a garnish I make rice with vegetables and lettuce. What do you say, does it work?

anca 8 years ago - 12 April 2010 15:39

Re: Pork steak

sorry I wrote twice, but it's the first time I post a comment and I didn't really know how to proceed now I caught Ioana, congratulations! You're doing an extraordinary job! I've become addicted to your recipes!

Diana 8 years ago - 4 May 2010 11:08

Re: Pork steak

Thanks a lot for the recipe! I don't know how to cook, but this steak works for me and my husband is happy with it. I did it with the pulp, with the muscle, and with the chop and it was very appreciated Once again, thank you!

alina 8 years ago - 16 May 2010 10:50

Re: Pork steak

super good I tried and I came out super

alex 8 years ago - 18 May 2010 23:02

Re: Pork steak

it didn't turn out as delicious as you praise it, even if I followed the recipe exactly.

costiana 8 years ago - 20 May 2010 15:16

Re: Pork steak

hello ioana
I also made the steak and it came out with a grade of 10. It's worth a try. It's delicious.

Ioana 8 years ago - May 20, 2010 15:20

Re: Pork steak

Super! pass the praises to Ancutza's account

Dorin 8 years ago - 3 June 2010 19:03

Re: Pork steak

Sarumana 'for the recipe I tried it and I want to tell you that it is delicious. I'm in Canada and I really missed a recipe of ours.
Extraordinary. thank you very much for the recipe, I warmly recommend it (like a gourmet).
Good luck to everyone!

Stefan 7 years ago - 18 July 2010 17:58

Re: Pork steak

very good recipe, I initially fried two onions, and a carrot, after which I extinguished with 300g of wine, and I added the broth. Suuuuuuper!

felicia katz 7 years ago - 23 July 2010 07:58

Re: Pork steak

I did it too, I mean, now it's in the oven. It smells insane in the house. Thank you and I add that I am always looking for new culinary "experiences" on the internet, even though I am 56 years old. in the kitchen and in life I start from the premise that you always have something to learn.

TINA DARIS 7 years ago - 27 July 2010 19:01

Re: Pork steak

fry the meat in larger or smaller pieces, add the onion and carrot if you want. put water and simmer until the meat softens well, and the rest is cooked. It is tastier so the fried meat leaves all its juice in the sauce. Add thyme, hot pepper pepper [if you eat it with pasta] or basil what you like it. it comes out very good and with beef. to put a lot of garlic if you like garlic. it is also eaten with puree, rice, pasta and polenta. cold [dissolved] or with sour cream and it's crazy. Must be boiled well after you put flour. This sauce is preferable to pasta. increase in work .is done faster than in the oven.

CLAUDIA 7 years ago - 30 August 2010 17:04

Re: Pork steak

It turned out very good (fluffy, flavorful, and the sauce is DEMENTIAL).
We have been looking for a recipe that has not been as twisted as one for a long time. labyrinth and that does not require my long presence near the stove until it is done. make sure they all boil at the same time). etc.
The model: to put what you put in and to be able to take care of other things is ideal! The time of the elaborate recipes of our grandparents and mothers is gone, but also the time of slavery. we are in the century in which the woman does not waste so much time on this pan to be able to cope with 2 jobs + children + husband + housekeeping. and so on
CONCLUSION: time has become precious for us.
VERY GOOD. As simple as the recipe. on such a delicious steak. I am a follower of these recipes. Ancutza, CONGRATULATIONS !! And if you still have such recipes, please do not keep them secret.
WHY COMPLICATE SOMETHING. WHEN IT CAN BE MADE EASY. And the result is the same. this is a question for Tina Daris who posted a twisted recipe
FOR ALEX, you missed something because it didn't work out. you didn't season it enough, or you didn't cover it well with aluminum foil and your sauce dropped and the meat dried.
I used a yena vessel with a lid to be safer.

eli 7 years ago - 30 August 2010 17:46

Re: Pork steak

the steak came out great, my husband is super excited

alexandra s 7 years ago - 15 September 2010 12:50

Re: Pork steak

super good steak..I made it yesterday and it was praised by everyone kre was at the will be my specialty considering k is the first steak in the oven on kre I made it..I am 22 years old

Carmen 7 years ago - 17 October 2010 18:10

Re: Pork steak

Very good recipe. Thanks !! The sauce is really insane, it complements the meat wonderfully.

Astrid 7 years ago - 19 October 2010 11:31

Re: Pork steak

I advise you not to put the broth over the steak from the beginning. It is known that the broth prevents cooking and you may find that the meat has not penetrated. Also, the garlic is almost finished, so its aroma remains much more pleasant. For those with a developed herd spirit, I advise you to consult a well-known cookbook, instead of risking that the preparation does not come out well. and let them ruin their day!

Ana 7 years ago - 19 October 2010 12:22

Re: Pork steak

Astrid, I see that you have a lot of advice to share and this is good only because not being a well-known counselor we better leave your advice aside so as not to risk ruining our day

mikaela 7 years ago - 9 November 2010 20:08

Re: Pork steak

thanks for the recipe it turned out super good, thanks girls

DANA 7 years ago - 15 November 2010 16:55

Re: Pork steak


Ioana 7 years ago - 15 November 2010 17:01

Re: Pork steak

the sauce over which you put the broth and water is poured over the meat and then put in the oven. I formulated it more clearly in the recipe

DANA 7 years ago - 15 November 2010 17:22

Re: Pork steak


Ioana 7 years ago - 15 November 2010 18:07

Re: Pork steak

no problem better to ask to make sure you understood everything, than to miss the food.

liana 7 years ago - November 20, 2010 09:33

Re: Pork steak

Lavinia 7 years ago - 26 November 2010 22:18

Re: Pork steak

How do you place it on the table? Alone on the plate or in a bowl?

Arthur 7 years ago - 6 December 2010 02:18

Re: Pork steak

so at 1 o'clock at night I found the recipe and at 2 o'clock I put it in the basket I'm waiting to see how it turns out

mariana 7 years ago - 15 December 2010 21:03

Re: Pork steak

I have been married for 3 weeks and live in the UK. and today I thought of cooking something with pork and I made this pork steak, and it means it's superrrr.

stefi 7 years ago - 24 December 2010 06:10

Re: Pork steak

came out "bestial." I do it for Christmas too! it's simple and very tasty.

florinbordeianu 7 years ago - 30 December 2010 10:29

Re: Pork steak

Delicious, I made it yesterday and it came out the first exactly as it should. I recommend it to everyone

Flowers 7 years ago - December 30, 2010 14:45

Re: Pork steak

Delicious steak, I prepared it according to your recipe and the whole family was satisfied. Thank you for the recipe.
Happy New Year!

daniela 7 years ago - 10 January 2011 22:07

Re: Pork steak

Right now my steak is in the oven. I can't wait for it to happen..mmmm. I am absolutely sure that it will be a real delight. A simple recipe and easy to follow even for the most clumsy cooks

Alina Elena 7 years ago - 2 February 2011 17:36

Re: Pork steak

simple and delicious. I put tomato juice and a little broth. excellent anyway. thank you

Tipric Suceava 7 years ago - 20 February 2011 05:18

Re: Pork steak

Ioana, now I can barely see the difference between the "steak" I made by throwing away meat and vegetables and the steak made according to your recipe, which is delicious. Thank you Ioana!

Mari Ana 7 years ago - 21 February 2011 16:06

Re: Pork steak

We don't eat much pork, but I tried the recipe and it's really tasty and goes great with mashed potatoes and pickles. It is worth trying from time to time.

andreea 7 years ago - 5 April 2011 23:37

Re: Pork steak

It seems like an easy recipe. I can't wait to try it

Adriana 7 years ago - 16 May 2011 19:33

Re: Pork steak

It's been half an hour since he's been in the oven. but the smell also woke the baby in my belly. I can't wait to see the result. greeting cards from now on just for flavor. we come back after dinner to tell you how good it was. *

mirela 7 years ago - 16 May 2011 21:10

Re: Pork steak

it's wonderful my little girls are delighted

Alexandra 6 years ago - July 16, 2011 10:30 p.m.

Re: Pork steak

Good evening, she made me this recipe, now I have to wait half an hour and enjoy it, it smells so good Ioana is a perfect cook. I've been following you for a while, but I haven't written to you until now.
I can't wait to enjoy it.

Ioana 6 years ago - July 18, 2011 09:21

Re: Pork steak

alexandra, I hope you had a successful meal with this steak

Rozi 6 years ago - July 29, 2011 23:45

Re: Pork steak

Today I made your recipe, it turned out good for me, but I didn't put broth, I put a sauce I bought, I didn't have broth.

cristina 6 years ago - 28 August 2011 20:29

Re: Pork steak

oooo. insane steak! my lunch guests just left and they were all ecstatic! I first served a sour veal soup (our friend's specialty, Olteanca), then Mrs. Ancuza's and your steak, with mashed potatoes and pickles! (Initially, I wanted to try my hot pepper salad for the winter, but I realized that it didn't "go" to such a large amount of garlic, so I postponed it). I-German German-Hungarian, Oltenian and Transylvanian-I found that it is a real delight! I made it for dessert. Pastel de cuatro leches, all made last night, one after the other, they don't fit very well, but I kept dying to try the recipe and I ate the dessert after about 4 hours, everything was FABULOSSS! Thank you! Have the best in the world!

Ioana 6 years ago - 29 August 2011 11:14

Re: Pork steak

and you to have equally successful meals!

naty 6 years ago - 8 September 2011 12:12

Re: Pork steak

The steak is super tasty, it's just what we're looking for.

Florin 6 years ago - 10 September 2011 12:15

Re: Pork steak

Claudia girl,
All recipes have their own dichis. The complicated ones only need 15-20 minutes more for preparation. You can't compare another recipe. Each has its specificity, its uniqueness. Servus.

Ross 6 years ago - 13 September 2011 18:00

Re: Pork steak

The combination of broth and garlic is not the happiest, a tomato or mashed juice would have worked better, the broth is too bitter, or, well, the broth I used was too bitter ... too bad, I had hopes big in this steak but I'll try again, with tomato juice or mashed potatoes as I said.
I tried other recipes on your site and they were grade ten! I will persevere with pork steak, if someone had a similar experience with steak maybe you can advise me on what I should alter, thank you!

Ioana 6 years ago - 13 September 2011 18:55

Re: Pork steak

what kind of broth do you use? bought? the homemade one is good, I sometimes drink it empty. under no circumstances should it be bitter. but if that's all you have, tomato juice or puree dissolved with a drop of water is an excellent solution.

Mihaela Oprea 6 years ago - 16 September 2011 15:49

Re: Pork steak

I also tried this recipe, it's the first time I cook pork, because I don't kill myself after it, but since my husband likes it, I said try it, and I want to tell you that I'm very happy with what it came out, very tender meat, and the sauce. mmm, a delight. Not to mention my husband, he ate two servings, with mashed potatoes and tomato salad. Very good, thanks for the recipe!

monica maria 6 years ago - 1 October 2011 11:53

Re: Pork steak

I'm going to do it and I'll tell you until then, thank you very much for the idea

Roxanna Mika 6 years ago - 19 November 2011 20:39

Re: Pork steak

I made this steak last night. it turned out delicious, when my boyfriend came home with a friend of his he said k salivate until I take out "that kestia with sauce that smells good" from the oven
I ate everything I could, I had another pick and we ate the plate)

gicu 6 years ago - 25 November 2011 11:27

Re: Pork steak

With a teaspoon of pepper, the sauce comes out spicy. And a clove of garlic is also much too much, 3-4 cubes bigger.

Ioana 6 years ago - November 25, 2011 1:28 PM

Re: Pork steak

too spicy according to your taste, the garlic loses its strength if you make it pasta with oil.

MARIANA 6 years ago - November 30, 2011 15:51

Re: Pork steak


flowers 6 years ago - 5 December 2011 12:37

Re: Pork steak

mda. I think I will try this recipe too .. I find it very good. and garlic is my favorite. I hope Sami comes out as good as yours looks. Thank you!

Iarina 6 years ago - 19 December 2011 05:52

Re: Pork steak

If I don't have flesh, can I replace it with muscle? Is it just as delicious steak?

Ioana 6 years ago - 19 December 2011 11:22

Re: Pork steak

the pork muscle should not be kept in the oven so long that it dries and becomes hard. it takes about 30 minutes to be ready. otherwise it will turn out well.

Corina 6 years ago - 22 December 2011 22:46

Re: Pork steak

I would like to try this recipe too, but I would need another detail (maybe it was passed somewhere and I went over, in this case, sorry) in what position to put the oven? (it's electric) I saw it at 220 degrees, but how is the position: and up and down, only down, only up? Thanks a lot for the answer, I'm looking forward to trying this recipe on Christmas day

Ioana 6 years ago - 23 December 2011 05:34

Re: Pork steak

I had a gas oven then the fire comes only from below. this is how I cook all the recipes in the oven, unless otherwise specified.

moldo 6 years ago - 23 December 2011 18:48

Re: Pork steak

I would like to make this steak, but with more meat, pork, veal, turkey breast and chicken. I'm putting them on the show tonight. the question is whether I put them all in the oven at once, or in turn?

Marinescu R 6 years ago - 30 December 2011 12:11

Re: Pork steak

Does it matter if we add a little wine?

claudia 6 years ago - 10 January 2012 14:26

Re: Pork steak

you were right to prepare quickly now I'm waiting to see how it comes out. I just put it in the oven, I hope it comes out good ms

Aldea Andreea 6 years ago - 28 February 2012 15:27

Re: Pork steak

I recommend this meat with tomato sauce to everyone, try it at least once, thank you for the recipes and for teaching us how to cook

Coman Ioana Alexandra 6 years ago - 5 March 2012 20:01

Re: Pork steak

. excellent steak. I cook it a third time. I was wondering if the sauce would go well with wild boar meat (after it is taken out of the bait). I don't know how to cook wild boar meat. maybe you have an idea. thanks a lot.

eliza 6 years ago - 3 May 2012 17:40

Re: Pork steak

if I don't have aluminum foil can I make steak in yena dishes?

Anca 6 years ago - 11 May 2012 09:36

Re: Pork steak

I made the steak last night. It turned out so good. Thank you, Ioana

Ioana 6 years ago - 11 May 2012 10:56

Re: Pork steak

barbu florin 6 years ago - 27 May 2012 14:05

Re: Pork steak

I made a pork pie for the first time and it was delicious
But I really liked cooking almost everything

barbu florin 6 years ago - 27 May 2012 14:08

Re: Pork steak


Catalina 6 years ago - 14 June 2012 14:40

Re: Pork steak

The steak looks super good! I would like to do it too, but I have an immortality. (I'm a super beginner in oven cooking) to get my oven to 220 degrees at which stage do I have to leave it? my oven has 3 steps. thank you very much!

Ioana 6 years ago - 14 June 2012 15:11

Re: Pork steak

on the middle position I think it will be ok.

Roxanna Mika 6 years ago - 14 June 2012 16:41

Re: Pork steak

Ioana, do you know what I suffered last night, while I was preparing the steak? My yena bowl broke (
do you have any idea why? simply, at the end when I wanted to lift the lid, the bottom of the vessel opened. only the bottom remained on the oven grill
Is it because of me that I turned on the oven before?

Ioana 6 years ago - 14 June 2012 16:50

Re: Pork steak

They generally break due to temperature shocks (put the cold pot in a very hot oven), although this should not happen to Jena dishes that are strong enough. I suffered with 2 ceramic trays, which cracked even though I only put them in the warm oven. I put the embarrassment directly in the hot oven, I used it directly on the stove flame and it is still intact.

Roxanna Mika 6 years ago - 14 June 2012 17:07

Re: Pork steak

Yes. then it's very strange. maybe it was lice, I was already about 3-4 years old.
now what do you advise me to buy, a yena vessel or a ceramic vessel?
You know, 90% of the food I cook is made according to the recipes here, that's why I'm asking you.

Ioana 6 years ago - 14 June 2012 17:21

Re: Pork steak

another vessel of Jena is more reliable.

I also have ceramic pots, but these are at risk. the ones that broke quickly were from the supermarket. I have another one from the supermarket and I saw that the corner is cracked (I don't know if it's just the icing on top or it's deep. We see how long it lasts)

cele ceramice care imi rezista foarte bine si se si curata usor sunt din Ikea ([link]) si de la Berghoff ([link]).

Roxanna Mika acum 6 ani - 14 Iunie 2012 17:29

Re: Friptura de porc

la vasele din ceramica de la ikea ma uitam si eu cand am mers sa mi iau grill ca al tau
o sa caut atunci un alt vas de yena, dar sa ma interesez sa vedem care sunt mai rezistente. mie imi plac mult si cele ceramice, dar as vrea sa le gasesc cu tot cu capac.
gata, numai scriu nimic aici despre asta, am facut destul off topic

Catalina acum 6 ani - 14 Iunie 2012 19:31

Re: Friptura de porc

Thank you very much! Am facut fripturica si a iesit o bunatate! Arata foarte bine si e super gustoasa!

Ioana acum 6 ani - 14 Iunie 2012 19:58

Re: Friptura de porc

vasele ceramice arata super bine fiindca sunt albe sau au exteriorul colorat si poti sa le pui pe masa fiind elegante. intr-adevar nu au capac, dar eu pun folie de aluminiu pe ele.
vasele Pyroflam ar fi iar o idee, insa nu am apucat sa le testez ca sa-ti pot spune din experienta proprie [link] insa au fost testate de mai multi boggeri culinari si parerile au fost pozitive. are si capac si rezista la diferente mari de temp.

Hlodec tania acum 5 ani - 19 Iulie 2012 01:11

Re: Friptura de porc

Hmm pare ft gustos,maine voi ncerca sa fac si eu

Hlodec tania acum 5 ani - 19 Iulie 2012 01:14

Re: Friptura de porc

Hmm pare ft gustos,maine voi ncerca sa fac si eu

Virj acum 5 ani - 23 Septembrie 2012 17:31

Re: Friptura de porc

Ioana acum 5 ani - 25 Octombrie 2012 12:28

Re: Friptura de porc

Tocmai am pus fripturica la cuptor Sigur o sa iasa foarte bine.Iti multumesc din suflet Ioana!Fara retetele tale nu stiu ce m-as fi facut, cu toate ca netul abunda de retete, tu esti nr 1!
Acum te rog din suflet sa ma ajuti in a lua o decizie:O sa imi cumpar in sfarsit un cuptor electric.Ce zici de cei de la Hansa? O fi suficient sa am 6 functii de gatire, ventilatie, curatare catalitica. M-am tot gandit ce marca sa imi iau.Tu ce zici?Astept raspuns.Merci din suflet!

Alina acum 5 ani - 9 Noiembrie 2012 14:55

Re: Friptura de porc

Buna ziua, reteta aceasta daca ar fi pregatita pe aragaz si nu in cuptor, in sensul ca, carnea sa fie prajita in ulei si sosul fiert pe aragaz dupa care sa fie amestecate cele 2, ar fi oare la fel de gustoasa ca si in cuptor? intreb pentru ca momentan nu am cuptor si as vrea sa gatesc aceasta reteta in weekend. thank you

Ioana acum 5 ani - 9 Noiembrie 2012 15:02

Re: Friptura de porc

mai bine prajesti usor carnea pe ambele parti in fff putin ulei (daca ai tigaie teflonata daca nu, scurgi din ulei dupa prajire), apoi torni sosul peste ea, pui capacul si fierbi la foc mic pe aragaz. verifici din cand in cand si daca scade sosul prea repede picuri cate putina apa fierbinte. va iesi super gustoasa si asa.

Alina acum 5 ani - 9 Noiembrie 2012 15:04

Re: Friptura de porc

Va multumesc pentru sfaturi. weekend placut

Senni acum 5 ani - 1 Aprilie 2013 12:02

Re: Friptura de porc

Am facut-o ieri. E simpla, usor de facut si are un gust teribil!! Foarte, foarte bun!

mona acum 5 ani - 19 Iunie 2013 11:12

Re: Friptura de porc

Ioana, friptura a iesit o minunatie!! am ''reusit'' impreuna cu sotul meu sa devoram o tava intreaga mentionez ca am adaugat pe langa ingredientele specificate de tine si o lingurita de busuioc uscat iar in loc de piperul obisnuit am folosit 1 lingurita de piper verde boabe chinezesc (pe care le-am strivit cu dosul linguritei). acest piper are o savoare deosebita si ii da carnii o super aroma te pup si multumesc!

Ioana acum 5 ani - 19 Iunie 2013 16:42

Re: Friptura de porc

super! sa va fie de bine.
da, piperul verde are o aroma foarte placuta

cristi acum 4 ani - 21 Decembrie 2013 20:31

Re: Friptura de porc

reteta perfecta ,cu boia iute este. nu te mai saturi

iulia acum 4 ani - 26 Ianuarie 2014 22:38

Re: Friptura de porc

am facut-o si pe asta :D, super buna

mihaela acum 4 ani - 23 Aprilie 2014 18:30

Re: Friptura de porc

Tocmai am scos friptura de la cuptor. Carnea este foarte buna, dar sosul parca este putin amar. O fi din cauza usturoiului?

Diana acum 4 ani - 26 Iunie 2014 19:20

Re: Friptura de porc

Doamne, in ce fel miroase, mor de pofta si ma tot dau pe langa cuptor

bia acum 3 ani - 21 August 2014 17:09

Re: Friptura de porc

Am incercat sa faca ceasta friptura si nu se face carnea intr-o ora, parca ramane asa un gust la ea. cum sa fac? thank you

bia acum 3 ani - 21 August 2014 17:13

Re: Friptura de porc

am uitat sa precizez caci carnea sa cam intarit.

Ioana acum 3 ani - 21 August 2014 17:18

Re: Friptura de porc

verifica-ti temperatura cuptorului, felii asa subtiri trebuie sa se faca intr-o ora. acum, mai adauga apa fierbinte peste, pune folia la loc si mai lasa la cuptor pana e facuta carnea.

Raluca acum 3 ani - 4 Decembrie 2014 09:39

Re: Friptura de porc

ntrebare va rog: boia dulce? Sau picantă?

Ioana acum 3 ani - 4 Decembrie 2014 09:42

Re: Friptura de porc

dulce, dar poti pune si putina iute daca vrei friptura usor picanta.

Raluca acum 3 ani - 4 Decembrie 2014 09:47

Re: Friptura de porc

Multumesc pt răspuns si pt toate Rețetele puse la dispoziția noastră . Va doresc numai bine!

Elena acum 3 ani - 17 Decembrie 2014 15:36

Re: Friptura de porc

as putea sa pun la cuptor aceasta friptura si intr-un vas de iena sau daca nu,se poate intr-o tigaie mai adanca?

Ioana acum 3 ani - 17 Decembrie 2014 15:39

Re: Friptura de porc

sigur, intr-un vas jena e foarte bine.

Maria acum 4 luni - 5 Februarie 2018 09:46

Re: Friptura de porc

Alina acum 4 luni - 17 Februarie 2018 19:48

Re: Friptura de porc

Eu de obicei fac friptura asta in oala cu presiune. Respect cantitatile, pasii si a fost intotdeauna un succes gata in cateva minute. o fac cativa ani buni. Thanks for the recipe!

Ioana acum 4 luni - 19 Februarie 2018 16:52

Re: Friptura de porc

cu mare drag, Alina! cat o lasi in oala?

Alina acum 4 luni - 21 Februarie 2018 22:36

Re: Friptura de porc

Cam 10 minute pe foc mediu dar, mai ramane cu capac inca 30 de minute pana scade presiunea.

Friptura de porc la cuptor cu sorici crocant

Puneti carnea pe un tocator si frecati crestaturile cu putina sare si rozmarin tocat, incercand sa le patrundeti bine. Intr-un mojar, zdrobiti cu pisalogul semintele de fenicul, apoi usturoiul si restul de rozmarin tocat si frecati carnea cu acest amestec — nu soriciul, caci se va arde. Puneti carnea intr-o tava mare de copt, impreuna cu otetul balsamic, frunzele de dafin si uleiul de masline. Lasati-o deoparte aproximativ ½ ora sa se marineze.

Intre timp, incalziti cuptorul la cea mai mare temperatura si rumeniti oasele. Frecati soriciul cu multa sare de mare — aceasta va scoate apa din el, care se va evapora. Puneti carnea direct pe gratar, in partea superioara a cuptorului. Adaugati oasele rumenite si legumele in marinata balsamica ramasa, turnati 570 ml de apa si puneti totul in cuptor, sub carne. Pe masura ce se face carnea, toate sucurile din ea se vor scurge in tava. Acesta va fi sosul dumneavoastra. De asemenea, pe carne se vor vedea frumos urmele de gratar.

Carnea se va face cam intr-o ora. Dupa 20 de minute, reduceti temperatura cuptorului la 220°C — treapta 7 la cel pe gaz. Dupa ce este gata, scoateti carnea din cuptor, asezati-o pe un platou acoperit cu o folie de aluminiu, pentru a-i pastra toate sucurile. Lasati-o deoparte celputin 10 minute. Pregatiti legumele pe care doriti sa le serviti drept garnitura si preparati un sos din sucurile ramase in tava.

Puneti oasele, sosul din tava si legumele intr-o cratita mare. Adaugati niste apa in tava in care au fost oasele si legumele, deoarece pe fundul ei raman niste resturi pastoase, lipicioase, care sunt foarte gustoase.

Fierbeti din nou, razuiti apoi toata bunatatea de pe fundul tavii si puneti totul in cratita. Aduceti la fierbere, agitand din cand in cand, indepartati uleiul, grasimea sau spuma de deasupra, apoi treceti continutul printr-o sita si aruncati toate legumele si oasele. Lasati-l sa scada şi asezonati dupa gust.

Ingredients Friptura de porc in punga

1 bucata fleica de porc (de cca 2 kg)
1 muschiulet de porc
piper, boia, turmenic

1 ramurica rozmarin proaspat
1 lingura pasta de ansoa
1 lingura capere scurse
6 cloves of garlic
2 lingurite seminte fenicul (sau cimbru, oregano)
2 lingurite piper
coaja rasa de la 2 lamai
50 ml ulei masline

Preparation Friptura de porc in punga

  1. Se alege o bucata de fleica de porc astfel incat desfacuta in doua sa cuprinda muschiuletul.
  2. Mixam in blender toate ingredientele pentru marinata pana obtinem o pasta.
  3. Se pune fleica pe masa de lucru cu soricul in jos si se taie in doua (pe grosime) dar nu de tot, astfel incat sa se desfaca exact ca si o carte.
  4. Presaram sare pe ambele parti ale fleicii. Presaram sare si pe muschiulet.
  5. Fleica a ramas pe masa cu soricul in jos si carnea in sus. Turnam marinata pe fleica si frecam bine toata suprafata.
  6. Asezam muschiuletul pe fleica. Daca e putintel mai lung taiati din muschiulet, astfel incat sa se potriveasca cu fleica. Rulam strans dintr-un capat. Legam rulada obtinuta cu ata alimentara sau ata de canepa. O introducem intr-o punga de plastic speciala pentru cuptor pe care o legam bine la capat. Intepam punga in cateva locuri cu o scobitoare.
  7. Dam rulada astfel pregatita la frigider pentru 2 zile.
  8. Scoatem rulada din frigider cu minim 2 ore inainte de a o coace ca sa aiba timp sa ajunga la temperatura camerei.
  9. Dam la cuptor, la 160C pentru 2.5 ore. Puteti verifica cu termometrul de fripturi, acesta trebuie sa arate in jur de 70C.
  10. Desfaceti punga, presarati peste friptura un amestec de piper, boia si turmenic si mai lasati la cuptor in jur de 20-30 minute. Temperatura fripturii a ajuns la 75C.
  11. Scoateti din cuptor, acoperiti cu folie si lasati sa stea 15 minute. Taiati felii si serviti.

1. Fleica cu marinata si muschiuletul deasupra

2. Rulam si legam friptura

6. Friptura de porc in punga

7. Friptura de porc in punga

Carne de porc frăgezită cu vin roșu la cuptor alături de legume

  • 1,2-1,5 kg carne de porc
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 păhărel vin roșu
  • 1 căpățână de usturoi
  • 2 white onions
  • 5-6 green onions
  • 1-2 ardei albi sau roșii

Carnea: se taie carnea în felii groase de cca 5 cm. Se crestează șoricul cu o lamă sau cu un cuțit bine ascuțit. Așezăm în tavă pentru friptură (mai adâncă) ți condimentăm bine cu sare, piper negru măcinat și puțină boia dulce. Se pune chimen măcinat (merge și cu semințe) pentru că este nelipsit la fripturile de porc.Se stropește cu puțin ulei și se masează bine

Se curăță bine ceapa, usturoiul și ardeiul kapia apoi se feliază

Se împrăștie legumele tocate în tavă, se îndeasă sub feliile de carne, se toarnă 200 ml apă și 250 ml vin roșu, se acoperă cu o folie de aluminiu. Se bagă la cuptorul încis la 190 de grade

Carnea roșie trebuie trată cu un foc redus pentru a se înăbuși și frăgezii. De cele mai multe ori timpul mai lung de gătire poate păcăli pe cei slabi de înger, trăind cu impresia că este complicat de gătit.

Tot ce trebuie făcut este să avem răbdare și să folosim ingredientele care să o ajute să se frăgezească, vinul roșu și alimentele ceva mai acide pot contribui la asta. Carnea de porc este considerată „cea mai bună legumă” a românului.

Friptură de porc la cuptor, fragedă și bună – perfectă pentru masa de Sărbători

Daca aveti pofta de friptura de porc si vreti sa o gatiti intr-un alt fel decat pana acum, ati ajuns exact la locul unde trebuia. Este o reteta inedita care va incanta prin savoarea si aroma conferita de diversele legume si condimente care insotesc carnea la cuptor precum si de sosul care se serveste alaturi.


  • 2,5-3 kg de spată/pulpă sau ceafă de porc
  • 400-500 de grame de oase de porc, bucati
  • 3 morcovi, 2-3 cepe mai mari
  • 1 rădăcină de țelină, 2 buc pătrunjel rădăcină
  • 1 căpățână de usturoi, sare
  • 1 măr mare (eu am folosit unul verde)
  • piper, chimen, paprika – dupa gust

Pentru sos aveti nevoie de:

Method of preparation

In prima faza trebuie sa va ocupati de condimentarea carnii de porc dupa propriul gust.

Sarati carnea, puneti piper, boia si chimenul măcinat. Daca nu va place in mod special acest condiment puteti renunta la el sau il puteti inlocui cu o altă aromă spre exemplu cimbru, sau rozmarin.

Este indicat sa lasati carnea asa cu condimente la rece peste noapte pentru a primi savoare. Insa nu uitati sa lasati carnea la temperatura camerei inainte de a o pune la cuptor.

Asadar preincalziti cuptorul la 220°C.In acest timp va ocupati de , curățarea și tăierea în bucăți mari a egumelor și taiati si mărul, care se pun in tava alaturi de bucatile de carne.

Taiati ci capatana de usturoi in doua si puneti-o alaturi de celelalte ingrediente. Un vas de yena ar fi perfect insa daca nu aveti puteti folosi orice alta tava de cuptor.

Printre legume puneti si oasele taiate bucati si formati un pat peste care vine asezata carnea . Apoi turnati vin bere sau apa dupa preferinte, in jur de 600 ml, cat sa nu depaseasca bucatile de carne.

Acum puteti pune totul la cuptorul preîncins la 220°C timp de 15 minute, apoi scoateti-l si stropiti cu lichidul din tavă dupa care reduceti temperatura cuptorului la 180°C.

Acoperiti vasul si mai lasati la cuptor circa 2 ore. Dupa aproximativ o ora scoateti tava din cuptor si intoarceti carnea pe partea cealalta si mai lasati la cuptor pana ce se rumeneste usor.

Dupa ce observati ca este facuta si pe partea cealalta intoarceti iar carnea si stropiti cu sucul din tavă. Mai puneti la cuptor pentru inca un sfert de ora pentru rumenire.

Apoi lasati pentru 25-30 de minute carnea sa stea la temperatura camerei înainte de servire pentur ca in acest timp se va frăgezi minunat. Intre timp profitati si pregatiti sosul pentru friptura de porc la cuptor.

Asadar luati cu o lingură grăsimea care plutește la suprafață vasului, treceti prin sită lichidul degresat, apoi alegeti câteva bucăți din legume, morcovi, care vor da o culoare frumoasa usturoiul copt, care va da o aroma placuta si feliile de măr, care vor da dulceață sosului. Pasati toate legumele cu blenderul si diluati cu lichidul, adăugat treptat.

Veti obtine un piure semilichid care se trece din nou prin sită, daca este prea gros turnati inca putin lichid.Apoi puneti totul într-o crăticioară, pe foc si adaugati crema balsamică și sare , piper după gust.

Crema balsamică va da o culoare brună deosebita, precum si un pic de aciditate, atat de necesară unui sos atât de consistent. La final adaugati untul și amestecati până se încorporează în sos. Transferat in sosul cald in sosiera si asezonati friptura.

Cu siguranta va fi o masa copioasa de care va veti aduce cu drag aminte mai ales daca la masa aveti invitati speciali care isi vor exprima admiratia pentru cel care a gatit si vor savura din plin acest preparat.

Puteti servi alaturi de diferite garnituri, cum ar fi piureul de cartofi sau legume sote, insa acest lucru ramane la aprecierea dumneavoastra. Cert este ca va fi un deliciu si toata lumea va fi pe fi pe deplin incantata.

Video: Pork Chops in the OVEN Recipe, Extremely Tender u0026 Juicy This is a Must Try!!


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